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I receive ERROR:Procedure 'loginParam' not present


I tried to make connection between my magento store and plentymarkets and I receive an error on magento side. I already created the SOAP API user and and gave the full rights. I also entered the info correctly. Can you please advise what to do now?




Sounds like you could try enabling WS-I Compliance in Magento under System / Configuration / Services / Magento Core API.

See here or here.


Thanks for your reply. I enabled the magento Core API and still getting the same error. Can it be related to wsdl file? do I need to create this file or do some programming? I just entered this link in account configuration in synesty and I didnt see any info in your website related to this.


Looks like your Magento is very picky about the www. in the beginning and then you where missing parts given in the example URL:


Try this:

When you enter it in your browser you see lots of XML. 

Thank you very much for your help. Magento side is working now. But now I get error on plentymarkets side. I already created a user for API and assign API rights.  I am not sure how to find wdsl file for plenty. Can you please help me with that as well?

thanks a lot


you should see the WSDL (which is a kind of an url) in the plentymarkets backend (API-Data). Please make sure that you're in the plentymarkets "Classic" plan.

Plentymarkets "ZERO" don't support the SOAP-API.

Best regards

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