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CSV-Datei hochladen über APICall

We need to upload a CSV file to update our catalogs from PlentyMarkets to Mirakl.


Is it possible to upload a CSV file with API Call in Synastry?

Because we have not succeeded so far.


We have the following error:


Last message: Step APICall: HTTP status code error: 400 (Bad Request)


In requestBody we have:


file = filename: $ {autoFilename}

import_mode = NORMAL


We can do it in Postman and with Curl on our server, but we would like to use Synesty.

Thanks for any help


I did a test yesterday and I had an error, but today I tried again and everything works perfectly. I don't know if something was changed today.

I think this a great add on for Synesty, because there is more and more platforms using this method.

Do you still need the test result from requestbin?

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad that it works for you now.
No we don't need the requestbin result anymore. 

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